Raid-the-Refrigerator Salad


Raiding the kitchen for a few odds and ends turned into a hearty lunch!

In my quest to avoid using the microwave for 30 days, I’ve discovered one hang up: work. My regular agenda is to eat leftovers for lunch, but it’s a little tough to do when the only way to heat them up is in the microwave.

One day last week, I didn’t have anything made for lunch already, and I just loathe going anywhere at lunch time–traffic is so crappy near my office that it takes up nearly my whole break just driving somewhere and back.  Anywhere without a drive through will eat up my whole break and then some.  Not to mention the cost of going out to eat on a regular basis.  Well, anyhow, on this one fateful day, I raided my kitchen before I left for work to see what I could throw together for lunch.  I left the house with:

half a bag of spinach
a peeled carrot
an apple
dried cranberries
a can of chicken

I was able to chop up my goodies in the kitchen at work and toss them with some communal salad dressing.  Oh Blessed Almighty!  A refreshing chopped salad!  It was so easy!  Why didn’t I do this sooner!?!

Fast forward.

Wednesday morning.  I’m late.  Well, later than usual.  And I’m staring into my open refrigerator looking at No Lunch.  I have three options:  break my vow to not use the microwave and take leftover Chicken Soup, go out (ugh …), or Make a Salad.

What?!?  Make a Salad?  Again?!  Why would I do something so wonderful more than once!?  Oh woe-is-me.  In a matter of a minute or two I scavenged these from my kitchen:

bagged salad mix (I know, who has the time to wash and cut lettuce these days?  “ain’t no body got time for that!“)
fresh raspberries
half an apple (that was leftover from the last salad)
chopped walnuts
dried cranberries
left over chicken from my Whole Entire Chicken event
some crumbled cheese; feta, I think

Chop, toss and ta-da!

I have some other ideas for things I’m going to start keeping on-hand for this exact purpose.  Perhaps hard boiled eggs, blueberries, mushrooms, cucumbers … any other ideas?


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